Quick Detailer Interior G50


Quick Detailer for vehicle interior G50


Product Description

Quick Detailer Interior G50

Protects and leaves a lovely oem satin mid sheen finish for modern plastic, vinyl & Rubber surfaces.

G50 will not leave your car smelling like chemicals. Infact its a fully customisable product!

  • Contains no odourless spirits or solvents.
  • Hand produced to our custom formula in Bristol
  • No hazardous DG rated chemicals
  • Protects for up to one month in harsh conditions!
  • Created and manufactured by Craig @Buzzweld from raw materials.
  • Fast to use, Wipe / spray on, wipe off.
  • Mild Hydrophobic action limiting exposure of surface to Moisture / ingrained dirt
  • Seals and isolates the surface reducing Static build up
  • Deepens finish & protects
  • Quick Detailer Interior G50 Comes with mist / jet spray head
  • Safety- IFRA maximums of Class 9 this product is an average of less than 1% (will vary per fragrance), Usually 15X lower than maximum allowed by IFRA (IFRA-49th Amendment / published January10th2020).

G50 Makes all those hours spent cleaning and polishing the interior worth it, by sealing your success and protecting it – we recommend applying after every clean or at least once a fortnight as regular detailing will reduce dirt build up and damage in the interior as well as giving protection against future issues.

1x 500ML G50 Spray of Quick Detailer Quick Detailer Interior G50

How to use Quick Detailer Interior G50

  1. Lightly mist spray over existing clean/ light dirt, dust, or fingerprints.
  2. When using G50 quick detailer in hot direct sunlight, always mist on towel and then apply, not the surface.
  3. Gently wipe the offending particles with a premium microfiber towel in one direction.
  4. Using a clean microfibre towel buff any residue away to perfection.
  5. Leave a review, and share the results on social media 😉


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What surfaces can S50 Quick Detailer be used on?

S50 Quick Detailer can be used on paintwork, plastic, vinyl, and Glass.

Does S50 Quick Detailer protect the paint?

S50 quick detailer bonds to the existing surface isolating it from atmosphere, creating a hydrophobic sealed surface. Initial estimates are around 1 month life expectancy in harsh environments. Subsequent use of the product will build up additional protection to a point.

When is best to use Quick Detailer S50?

S50 can be used to smarten up and protect the vehicle at almost any time. The cleaner the vehicle prior to use the better the finish. You are also reducing the chances of scratches if you have the vehicle in a good state prior. S50 does contain a limited lubricating function to minimise scratches as well.

What Carnauba wax is S50 infused with?

We only use Brazilian Carnauba Wax. Our base material wax used in formulating S50 has no added Solvents or preservatives. We have an ash content of 0.25 % by weight.

Additional Information


No Fragrance, Tutti Frutti, Cherry Frangipane, Limes & Lemons, White Jasmine, Watermelon Mojito, Red Roses, Christmas Tree, Fresh Linen, Cool Lavender & Moss, Christmas Spice, Dark Honey, Tobacco, Vanilla, Orange Blossom & Bergamot, Black Pomegranate, Fig Tree, Vanilla & Tonka


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