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How to stop your car rusting

Car Rust

Car Rust

There are many products you can use to help stop car rust. Buzzweld’s Rust Encapsulator is a fantastic product as it stops the rust from spreading by attacking the car’s rust in several ways. Rust Encapsulator stabilises rust over a prolonged period to an inert form. This helps reduce the rust reacting with moisture and air.

Rust Encapsulator (RE) forms a non porous finish over rust preventing moisture, and contaminants reaching the existing rust, and helping it spread

RE features a ZERO rust creep technology, that means rust does not spread underneath it. So your not sealing rust in. You are reducing its reactivity sealing it in, and trapping it preventing it from spreading.

Other products to help prevent car rust people use are:-

  • Rust converter
  • Rust prevention paint
  • Undersealing Waxes
  • Rust protection oil
  • Rust epoxy
  • Sanding down rust
  • Sanding tools
  • Rust covering spray paints
  • Rust Lacquer
  • Rust preventative wax

How to stop your car rusting? Rust protection paint seals a surface but a Rust converter is probably the best as it also slows down corrosion, and should be used in conjunction with a Rust protection paint .

Rust preventative oils are very good as they help protect metal parts from rusting further and tend to Creep into rust. They are generally easy to apply and work with, whislt not offering long term protection like paints. Chassis Guard is an example of this.

Rust protection wax should be applied regularly to keep your car protected against rust, for this we like Blackit, as whilst its a wax its based on a marine hull coating and dries properly.

Rust epoxy is a very high solids coating called 2K Epoxy Armour, its good for repairing holes made by rust, protecting a chassis, and more.

Rust protection spray paints are also available which come with Rust primers that help the paint stick to the metal Superzinc 90 is superb for this as it has a high zinc content of 90% so works even on rust.

Sanding down the rust is recommended as it makes it easier to repair and paint over, because rough metal and rust can trap moisture, and the rust can flake off. The better prepared it is the longer it will last.

Car Rust FAQ

Rust causing rust?

Rust spreads by a process known as Rust Creep, which is where the rust particles or Iron Oxide Rust Flakes away from the metal under the surface and causes oxidation, this means it oxidizes with air and moisture forming Rust. If you have stopped Rust Creep it will prevent the rust from spreading. Search Buzzwelds website for RE or CIO as both of these products stop rust creep.

Rust converter or Rust paint?

Rust converter comes in liquid form and is very thin, so it soaks into the rust and areas around it stopping Rust from spreading underneath your paint work. Rust paint comes as a paint and is very thick so its like painting over the rust, but if you want to stop Rust from spreading underneath Rust paint , the Rust converter is needed over the top. This is true for most paint except RE & CIO.

Rust prevention oil or Waxes?

Rust protection oils are designed to soak into all surfaces of your car protecting them against air, dirt, moisture and ultra violet light, which will cause oxidation of metal parts, so they get damaged by Rust. Rust prevention oil’s usually stay wet like waxes, and attracts dirt or moisture getting into your cars paint work, so it’s good for all metal parts of the car that are exposed to the elements but is a shorter term protection. Blackit dries properly so is a longer term option.

Rust protection waxes are good for door shuts, engine bays and areas where Rust is likely to form or stop Rust from spreading.

Rust epoxy or Rust paint?

Epoxy is a very tough coating with high adhesion and long term protection benefits. Rust paint provides similar but is more user friendly and safer to use.

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