How to protect your chassis and underbody from rust the easy way! #1

protect your chassis and underbody from rust

“There’s easier ways to stop rust than sanding and painting”

We all know that rust is the enemy of any car, and it can be a huge pain in the ass to keep track of and prevent. In this blog post, we’re going to show you how to protect your chassis and underbody from rust the easy way – so you can keep your car looking good for years to come! Read on for more details.

Vehicles rust, its a fact of life. Most vehicles never see the care required, and with options of sanding and painting, most do not look to do this.

The easiest way to protect your chassis & Underbody

The easiest way to protect your chassis & Underbody

“UP Underbody Preservation is probably the most preparation tolerant rustproofing coating in the world”

We developed Underbody Preservation with several characteristics in mind. We wanted it to be easy, simple, and fast to do. Most importantly we wanted it to work every time someone bought it and applied it. With this in mind here is the easiest way to protect your chassis & Underbody

Protect your chassis and underbody from rust

  1. Clean the underbody as best you can. We recommend FxDegreaser
  2. Apply UP to the underbody. UP can be applied to bare metal, existing paint, rust, when wet or dry.
  3. Allow UP to cure for a few hoursa prior to use

Thats literally it. You can use UP as a sealing coat over most underseal & rust paints as well

  • Should I rustproof my car in the winter?

    Most people believe that because the weather has deteriorated and its usually wet you should not protect your vehicle. UP is fully designed to be applied to a clean, wet vehicle for rustproofing, so get to it, and stop that rust!

  • When should I get my car Undercoated?

    Undercoating should be done ASAP. The sooner the job is done, the sooner you can have piece of mind

  • Where can i get my chassis undersealed?

    There are places across the uk for undersealing. We recommend Buzzweld

  • How much does rust proofing cost?

    Rust proofing typically starts around £250 for effective services.

  • Benefits of rust proofing your car?

    Beenfits include reduced servicing bills for rusted components, increased safety due to body integrity, and a higher residual value. Rust proofing typically more than pays for itself in the medium to long term with reduced additional costs for welding alone.

  • Undercoating in winter?

    Very common, and so long as preparation is followed for the product, it will be effective

  • how to protect undercarriage from rust?

    You need to isolate the under carriage from air and moisture to prevent rust. Doing so stops rust forming. You can use clear treatments, or paints.

Chassis and underbody treatment using UP explained

Underbody Preservation “UP” is an anti corrosive clear lacquer, using a unique blend of oils, and inhibitors. Uniquely UP forms a DRY protective layer over rust, metal, and existing finishes, sealing the surface. UP doesnt trap moisture, it actually searches it out, destroys its surface tension and expels it.

By using Hydrophobics, we create a formiddable barrier to moisture, whislt limiting the ability of moisture to take hold. UP sheds moisture micro beading it away, and keeping your entire underbody drier, even in heavy downpours, or salty roads. Due to this UP can be applied to a wet rusty chassis in the middle of winter, and still work!

Being a clear product allows you to see the protected surface even after curing. This allows inspection to be fast, and accurate, telling you if you have any issues quickly. Prologned protection is possible for up to 5 years without topup. In areas that are more exposed to tyre wash, such as wheel arch area behind tyres you will need to topup more often.

fifty shades of rust printed cover

“Preventing rust is a simple matter of isolation”

Maintain a rust free vehicle

The easiest way to protect your chassis & Underbody is to use UP. we believe this because it lasts as long, if not longer than waxoils, and yet needs almsot no preparation to be effective in helping you. To maintain a rust free vehicle is simple enough using this product, and before issues arise you can easily spot them, and remedy.

Whats more should you choose to paint your vehcile underbody or chassis, you can remove UP, complete all of your restoration work, and then re-apply UP after as a sealing coat.

What other easy under sealing products are available?

The market for clear treatments is generally limited to clear waxoil, Chassis Guard (lanolin based), and UP. UP is the most advanced, however does contain solvents that make it slightly less DIY rust Proofing friendly. As a result we also offer Chassis Guard. This is based on Lanoguard, and we have improved it with VCI (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor), and Ceramic Flake. These two things allow Chassis Guard to last as long as possible, whislt being totally solvent free. You will need to topup Chassis Guard more often but you wont need as much PPE.

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